Applications, Judging Panel and Results

The Application Process

2016 Pleiades Application Form
2016 Gold Pleiades Award Pro-forma
2016 Silver Pleiades Award Pro-forma
2016 Bronze Pleiades Award Pro-forma

2015 Application form (for archive purposes)

2014 Application Form (for archive purposes)

Applications for the third round of Pleiades Awards are due to open shortly. The deadline for applications will be Friday, 28 October, 2016. Announcements will be sent to the ASA mailing list in early September when the applications open each year and reminders will be sent two weeks before the closing date.

Please complete your application using the bronze, silver or gold pro-forma forms provided above, along with the 2016 Application Form. If describing a facility such as a breastfeeding room, please provide a description of its location and a small photograph within the form.

The head of the eligible organisation must sign the application before it is submitted.

Judging Panel

The Pleiades Awards will be overseen by the Steering Committee of the ASA’s IDEA Chapter. The judging panel will comprise members of the Steering Committee; however current members of an eligible organisation will not be permitted to judge an application relating to that organisation.


The 2016 Awards will be announced to ASA members on Thursday 26 November 2016. Awards will become effective on the 1st of January the following year. Accreditations will include a certificate, presented at the ASA’s Annual Scientific Meeting and an accreditation logo for use on organisational websites.