ASA award recipients

The ASA awards a range of prestigious prizes, including the Bok Prize for outstanding research in astronomy by an Honours student; the Charlene Heisler Prize for the most outstanding PhD thesis in Astronomy or a closely related field; the Louise Webster Prize (introduced in 2009) for outstanding research by a scientist early in their post-doctoral career; the Anne Green Prize for a significant advance or accomplishment by a mid-career scientist (introduced in 2018); the David Allen Prize for exceptional achievement in astronomy communication; and the Robert Ellery Lectureship in recognition of outstanding contributions in astronomy or a related field. Nominations for ASA prizes are also broken down by gender here.

The current percentage of ASA prizes awarded to women are as follows: Bok Prize: 36 % ; Charlene Heisler prize: 25% ; Louise Webster Prize: 33%; the Anne Green Prize: 50%; David Allen Prize: 0%; Robert Ellery Lectureship: 15%.

The Bok Prize

2019Sam Creemale
2018Matthew Keenmale
2017Madeline Marshallfemale
2016Samuel Hintonmale
2015Shyeh Tjing (Cleo) Loifemale
2014Ross Turnermale
2013Ben Popemale
2012Alison Hammondfemale
2011Barnaby Norrismale
2010Madusha Gunawardhanafemale
2009Peter Jensenmale
2008Christopher Halesmale
2007Katie Dodds-Edenfemale
2006Brent Miszalskimale
2005Patrick Scottmale
2004Stanislav Shabalamale
2003Darren Crotonmale
2002(not awarded)
2001Yeshe Fennerfemale
2000Josephine Brownfemale
1999Michael Murphymale
1998Malcolm Kennettmale
1997Jean-Pierre Macquartmale
1996Lisa Kewleyfemale
1995Michael Brownmale
1994Arthur Streetmale
1993Sally Houghtonfemale
1992Kylie Waringfemale
1991Neal Turnermale
1990Robert Reinfrankmale
1989Andrew Graymale
Percentage of female recipients36%

The Charlene Heisler Prize

2019Adam Thomasmale
2018Anish Amarsimale
2017Paul Stewartmale
2016Vikram Ravimale
2015Morag Scrimgeourfemale
2014Justin Braymale
2013Emily Wisnioskyfemale
2012Anthony van Eysdenmale
2011Max Spolaormale
2010Adam Dellermale
2009Brendon Brewermale
2008Simon Campbellmale
2007Anna Frebefemale
2006Michael Irelandmale
Percentage of female recipients:25%

The Louise Webster prize

2019Shivani Bhandarifemale
2018Emily Wisnioskifemale
2017Keith Bannistermale
2016David Nichollsmale
2015Madusha Gunawardhanafemale
2014Simon Campbellmale
2013Andy Greenmale
2012Sean Farrellmale
2011Gayandhi De Silvafemale
2010Michael Irelandmale
2009Tamara Davisfemale
Percentage of female recipients:33%

The Anne Green Prize

2019Mark Krumholzmale
2018Barbara Catinellafemale
Percentage of female recipients:50%

The David Allen Prize:

2018ABC Stargazing LiveTeam
2015Swinburne Astronomy Productions(3 man team)
2012Charlie Lineweavermale
2009Martin Georgemale
2003Fred Watsonmale
2001Jonathon Nallymale
Percentage of female recipients:0 %

The Robert Ellery Lectureship

2019Matthew Bailesmale
2017Warrick Couchmale
2015Elaine Sadlerfemale
2013Rachel Websterfemale
2011Russell Cannonmale
2009Jeremy Mouldmale
2007Mike Bessellmale
2005John Davismale
2003Don Melrosemale
2001Ken Freemanmale
1999John Storeymale
1997Ron Ekersmale
1995Dick Hunsteadmale
1993Dick Manchestermale
1991Don Mathewsonmale
Percentage of female recipients:15 %