Application Instructions

Timeline for 2023 Pleiades Awards

    • Monday, 31st Oct 2022: Call issue and Awards are Open
    • Friday, 10th Feb 2023 (5pm AEDT): Deadline for Pleiades Award Submission
    • Monday, 13th Feb 2023: Review of Application begins
    • Monday, 20th March 2023: Request for rejoinders released
    • Friday, 28th April 2023 (5pm AEDT): Deadline for rejoinders
    • Friday, 15th June 2023: Results are communicated to organisations individually
    • Tuesday, 4th July 2023: Awards are announced at the IDEA Chapter Town Hall at the ASA ASM

Application Documents for 2023 Pleiades Awards

The Application Form, Selection Criteria, and Instruction for Applications can be downloaded from the links below:

Pleiades Application Form 2023

Pleiades Selection Criteria 2023

Pleiades Instructions for Applicants 2023

Please complete your application using the 2023 Application Form provided above, as well as up to 6 pages of text and up to 2 pages of accompanying tables and/or figures addressing the 2023 Pleiades Criteria. If describing a facility such as a breastfeeding room, please provide a description of its location and a small photograph within the form.

A draft of the application must be circulated to all staff and post-graduate students of the applying organisation at least two weeks in advance of submission, and the head of the organisation must sign the application before it is submitted.

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