Australian astronomy

The overall statistics on the status of women in Australian astronomy is collated via the NCA decadal review process.

The last Australian astronomy decadal plan demographics survey was conducted in 2005. The full survey results can be found in the appendix of  “New Horizons: A Decadal Plan for Australian Astronomy 2006-2015″. For full details, download the Working Group 1.1  Demographics Report.  In 2010, the Mid-Term Review of the Decadal Plan conducted a snap-shot survey of demographics of the Australian astronomy community.

    • Total staff:
Year Total (%W) Permanent (%W) Contract (%W)
2005 417.4 (19.7%) 262.5 154.0
2010 536.3 (21.5%) 275.4 (21.8%) 260.8 (21.2%)
    • PhD Students:
Year Total Women
2005 157 41.4%
2010* 237 39.7%

* 2010 PhD data excludes overseas students enrolled in JCU’s online doctoral program.