Students and Supervisors

Research students are the lifeblood of an research institute and should be made to feel comfortable and included in the institute.  Supervisors should know the rights of their students and ensure that students do as well.  Mentoring students in the ways of academia will help them achieve their goals.  Here are some link and tips for research students.

  • Family leave entitlements for students on Commonwealth Scholarships
    (from the Commonwealth Scholarships Guidelines (Research) 2008 supplement, section  2.25.20 Leave Entitlements)

    • Students who have completed 12 months of their APA are entitled to a maximum of 12 weeks paid maternity leave during the duration of the APA. Subject to the usual practice of the provider, paid leave may also be approved if the student has adopted a child.
    • Students who are partners of women giving birth during an APA and who have completed 12 months of their APA, may be entitled to a period of paid parenting leave at the time of the birth or adoption, subject to the usual practice of the provider.